How to eliminate problem squirrels in New Hampshire | Tree squirrel

How to eliminate problem squirrels

Species-specific lethal traps (e.g. tube traps) are relatively easy to use and can be securely mounted over entry holes and travel paths to remove squirrels.

Rat snap traps are also very effective for use in trapping flying and red squirrels.

Tube and snap traps must only be used above ground around rooftops, attics, garages, etc, in locations where non-target animals and people do not have ready access.

Humanely kill trapped squirrels using a carbon dioxide chamber or by shooting them in the head with a high powered air rifle or a .22 caliber pistol or rifle.

Shooting squirrels during regular hunting season can be helpful in reducing populations in areas where it is legal to hunt.

Note: Discharging firearms in developed areas is often prohibited by local safety ordinances. 

Laws and regulations to be aware of

While we attempt to provide guidance about state and federal regulations pertaining to specific species and control techniques, we do not provide information about local jurisdictions (city, town, county, etc.) where regulations may be more restrictive, especially as it applies to discharge of firearms, transport of animals or use of trapping equipment. Contact your local city or county government to inquire further. No guarantee is made that information (or lack of information) associated with a species or control technique is completely accurate or current. You should become familiar with federal, state and local laws before beginning any wildlife control activities.

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