Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is charged with conserving, improving and protecting the natural resources and the environment of the state of Connecticut.  The Bureau of Natural Resources within DEEP is charged with managing the state’s natural resources (particularly fish, wildlife, and forests) through a program of regulation, management, research, and public education. Growing human populations encroach upon, modify or destroy wildlife habitat, threatening or endangering some wildlife species in the process.  Other wildlife species have adapted to living in close proximity to humans.  While these wildlife species may add interest to the local environment, they also can cause problems for their human neighbors. Each year, the Wildlife Division receives thousands of calls for assistance from residents who have problems with wild animals. These conflicts typically include wild animals damaging crops, livestock or property; wild animals posing a threat to human safety; diseased wild animals; and wild animals taking up residence in areas where they are unwanted. Information and suggestions for resolving problems also are available on the agency’s website. Local animal control officers, police, or the Department of Environmental Protection should be contacted if assistance is needed with nuisance wildlife.

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