West Virginia Division of Natural Resources

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR) is responsible for managing and protecting the state’s fish and wildlife resources to enhance the health, safety and social well-being of its citizens.  In recent years, the citizens of West Virginia have been encountering more wildlife species than ever before.  Growing human populations sometimes encroach upon, modify or destroy important wildlife habitat, threatening or endangering some wildlife species in the process.  Other wildlife species have adapted to living in close proximity to humans.  While these wildlife species may add interest to the local environment, they also can cause problems for their human neighbors.


In order to manage and protect West Virginia’s wildlife and serve the public interest, the WVDNR establishes rules and policies that protect wildlife resources and regulate human activities associated with these wildlife resources.  Some nuisance wildlife control actions that you may wish to take will require a permit from the WVDNR.  In addition, you may also wish to employ the services of a licensed, wildlife damage control agent to effectively address your wildlife damage issues.

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