How to keep raccoons from damaging my garden in Massachusetts | Raccoon

How to keep raccoons from damaging my garden

Raccoons will eat a variety of garden vegetables, but they especially like sweet corn and watermelons. Keeping them out of the garden is the only sure-fire method for preventing damage. Because raccoons are agile climbers, an electric fence is the best way to keep them out. A two-wire arrangement is recommended, but a single wire placed about six inches above the ground might be sufficient. Solar and battery powered electric fence chargers are available from farm supply stores. The fence does not need to be powered at all times; turn it on just before dusk and turn it off after daybreak. Use an electric fence with care. You should post caution signs to warn people about the electric fence.

Laws and regulations to be aware of

Regulations for Massachusetts

Legal, Regulated Trapping

The use of legal, regulated, trapping by licensed trappers can be useful for reducing local wildlife populations and can help reduce nuisance problems in Massachusetts.

While we attempt to provide guidance about state and federal regulations pertaining to specific species and control techniques, we do not provide information about local jurisdictions (city, town, county, etc.) where regulations may be more restrictive, especially as it applies to discharge of firearms, transport of animals or use of trapping equipment. Contact your local city or county government to inquire further. No guarantee is made that information (or lack of information) associated with a species or control technique is completely accurate or current. You should become familiar with federal, state and local laws before beginning any wildlife control activities.

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