Solutions for A wild animal is damaging my yard in New Hampshire

Animal is raiding my birdfeeders and suet

Animal is scavenging my garbage

Animal is plugging drains, pipes and ditches

Animal is chewing down trees

Animal is gnawing bark and clipping twigs from trees and shrubs

Animal is eating my flowers

Animal is eating my garden plants and vegetables

Animal is eating my fruit trees

Animal is damaging my lawn

Animal is making/digging holes

Skunk (striped skunk, spotted skunk, polecat)

There are no solutions related to Skunk

Woodchuck (groundhog, chuck, whistle-pig, whistle pig)

Mole (Star-nosed mole, Eastern mole, Hairy-tailed mole)

Tree squirrel (Gray squirrel, Fox squirrel, Red squirrel, Pine squirrel, Chickaree, Piney)

Chipmunk (chipmunk, chippie, grinny)

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