How to get rid of an opossum den in New York | Opossum

How to get rid of an opossum den

Wait until the opossum leaves its den in the evening. If you don’t see the opossum leave, you can use a soft plug (e.g., loose pile of dirt, leaves, wadded up newspaper, etc.) in the opening to be sure the opossum has left for the evening.

If the opossum won’t leave on its own, you can attempt eviction by frightening (loud music under the shed, bright lights, etc.) or with commercial odor repellents (check use labels).

Check the den for young that may have fallen off their mother or been left behind.

Once you are sure the den is empty, cover openings with sturdy galvanized wire or hardware cloth attached to the lower edge and then buried underground, slanting outward one to two feet.

Laws and regulations to be aware of

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